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Careers Centering Equity in Civil & Environmental Engineering 

The Equity & Engineering Practice Speaker Panel will discuss the importance of environmental justice in the context of engineering practice, with a particular emphasis on Civil & Environmental Engineering. The event will showcase perspectives on social position and the epistemological bases for work in environmental engineering, community organizing in engineering work, and the speakers’ experience with bringing engineers into justice work.

Managing Your Emotions in the Workplace

Stressful situations can be all too common in the workplace, but how do we manage our emotional response while keeping things professional?

Join us for a 90-minute interactive online workshop to uncover the nature of our emotions and how they play out in our work environment. The class curriculum is based on over two decades of direct research at the Stanford Psychophysiology Laboratory on emotions and emotion regulation.

After Data Collection: Community-Engaged Research Approaches

This workshop series is designed for Stanford graduate students interested in learning more about and developing skills in community-engaged scholarship and community-based research. Invited speakers include leaders and practitioners across disciplinary fields.Join us for a compelling discussion exploring participatory and community-engaged approaches to data analysis and publication. This session will answer a key question within community engaged scholarship: How do you continue to collaborate on community-engaged research projects after the data have been collected?

From Policy to Practice: Lessons on How to Implement Equity

Join the REDI Task Force for the next event in the "Critical Conversations: Race in Global Affairs" series for a conversation with Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies professor, Dr. Sosanya Jones. Professor Jones' research focuses on practical knowledge and voices of policy makers and leaders to glean insight about policy formation and its connection (or disconnect) from institutional practice, particularly as it relates to the implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion efforts.

Quick Bytes: Exercising Influence

To be successful as a graduate student, regardless of discipline, influence skills are key! In this introductory session, you will examine the unique challenges you face, your strengths as an influencer and apply a behavioral influence model that will help you develop the flexibility you need to help move your ideas into action by stimulating others to support, allow, provide resources for, or participate actively in your initiatives. Come prepared to participate in this engaging session!

View From The Top with Tony Xu, CEO and Cofounder, DoorDash

Join us for a fireside chat with Tony Xu, MBA '13, CEO and cofounder of DoorDash, a technology company passionate about transforming local businesses and dedicated to enabling new ways of working, earning, and living. As a first-generation American who grew up working in his mom’s restaurant, Tony started DoorDash to help small business owners succeed. DoorDash is focused on being the restaurant industry’s “last-mile” solution and has grown into a $700 million leader in the on-demand space. 


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