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1 (shallow / tip of the iceberg)

Fireside Chat with Dean Minor & Melissa Bondy on Health Equity and Precision & Population Health

Join Professor Melissa Bondy, Stanford Medicine Discovery Professor and Professor and Chair of Stanford's Department of Epidemiology and Population Health, for a virtual fireside chat with Stanford School of Medicine Dean Lloyd Minor as they discuss new directions in health equity. They will explore the potential of precision and population health to reduce racial health inequalities, address COVID-19 disparities, and improve health outcomes in developing economies.

Fireside Chat with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg

NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg will speak about how the transatlantic alliance is adapting to change in this turbulent period.  President Biden has clearly signaled that he is resolved to reach out to the NATO allies, working to repair the trans-Atlantic bond. To strengthen the bond between America and Europe and prepare the alliance for the future, the Secretary General has launched the NATO 2030 initiative.  This includes proposals on how NATO can better harness technology and innovation, tackle the security implications of climate change, and help make our societies more resilient.

Careers Centering Equity in Civil & Environmental Engineering 

The Equity & Engineering Practice Speaker Panel will discuss the importance of environmental justice in the context of engineering practice, with a particular emphasis on Civil & Environmental Engineering. The event will showcase perspectives on social position and the epistemological bases for work in environmental engineering, community organizing in engineering work, and the speakers’ experience with bringing engineers into justice work.


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