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The resources listed here include offices, articles, websites, slides, and other sources of information useful to graduate students. Use the search to find what you're looking for.

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Checklist for Effective Lecturing

A quick guide from the Teaching Commons for assessing the effectiveness of your lectures. Includes concise tips on preparation, keeping your focus, engaging your audience, and gathering feedback.

Last modified 08/20/2014

Overseas Scholarships

Are you interested in studying abroad as a graduate student? Many funding opportunities exist to support your work in dozens of locations overseas. The Bechtel International Center compiles a list of overseas scholarships (available to both graduate and undergraduate students) and provides application information and deadlines. Explore the list to find the perfect fit to support your graduate studies abroad. 

Last modified 04/01/2017

Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner

The Stanford Entrepreneurship Corner, hosted by the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) within the School of Engineering, provides a large collection of online content related to entrepreneurship. Search hundreds of videos, podcasts, and articles featuring insights from a wide variety of successful innovators. Learn how many top entrepreneurs navigated the business and technology worlds to achieve success as you consider your own professional path.  

Last modified 08/30/2016

CareerConnect: Professional Education

Stanford Alumni Association's (SAA) CareerConnect portal features videos on the basics of personal branding, resumes and coaching. Note that SAA members are entitled to one free, initial exploratory session with available coaches. The website links to other media resources such as Stanford ecorner, Stanford+connects, Stanford on iTunes U, Graduate School of Business videos, and TedX Stanford, among others.

Last modified 09/03/2014

In the Media: Articles on Careers

Preparing for a career beyond grad school requires a great deal of research. Learn more about various career paths and gain useful strategies for navigating the daunting task of finding a job. BioSci Careers has compiled a selection of articles related to career development. Look through them today! 

Last modified 10/13/2017

English Courses for International Graduate Students (EFS)

English for Foreign Students (ESF) offers English language courses open to all matriculated international graduate students. Courses are offered in listening, speaking, writing and TA training for non-native speakers. Courses are in specialized topics like academic discussion, listening comprehension, pronunciation, advanced writing, and English for Business and Industry. ESF courses are for academic credit only.

Auditing is not allowed. Classes are not open to visiting students, visting scholars, postdoctoral scholars, or student spouses.

Last modified 08/07/2014

What Works for Women at Work (Voice & Influence Series)

Hosted by the Center for the Advancement of Women's Leadership, this video features Joan C. Williams, Professor of Law at UC Hastings. Here, she discusses the four basic patterns of bias that women face at work. To counteract these patterns of bias and support women's success in the work place, Williams also provides key strategies and practical tools. Watch this 11-minute video to build your understanding of what works for women at work now.

Last modified 09/06/2016

Oral Communication Courses

The Hume Center's Oral Communication program offers for-credit courses for graduate students seeking to improve their public speaking skills, confidence, and vocal expression. See their website for course descriptions and current offerings. 

Last modified 09/15/2014

Stereotype Threat: How it Affects Us and What We Can Do About It

In this video, Emeritus Professor Claude Steele (formerly Dean of the School of Education at Stanford) discusses his research on stereotype threat. Essential information for anyone interested in promoting equality and diversity, this presentation will be especially useful to graduate students who teach or lead diverse groups. From the Award-Winning Teachers on Teaching lecture series. 

Last modified 08/11/2014

Academic Skills Inventory

Being a successful graduate student requires effective management of time and well-honed academic skills. Created by the VPTL, the Academic Skills Inventory is designed to offer you new strategies for academic work, as well as reinforcement for and encouragement with the effective techniques that you already use. Although geared toward undergraduates, this tool can be quite helpful as you learn to balance your academic load at Stanford. 

Last modified 09/22/2016