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The resources listed here include offices, articles, websites, slides, and other sources of information useful to graduate students. Use the search to find what you're looking for.

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If you are interested in learning a new skill, including web design, web development, or graphic design, check out the thousands of online resources available through Lynda is an online training library with almost 3000 courses spanning topics in areas such as business, web design, video design/development/editing, software and programming, and 3D + Animation. Work at your own pace to gain new skills that will help you at Stanford and beyond! Free to Stanford Students.

Last modified 03/31/2017

Software at Stanford

Looking for a specific type of software? Stanford has hundreds of products available for your use. Visit this website to search for specific software or to browse all that Stanford has to offer.

Last modified 08/30/2016

CAPS Support Groups

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at Vaden offers a wide variety of support groups for Stanford students. These friendly groups invite students from all disciplines. They provide safe, supportive forums for discussing the various challenges of graduate school and strategies for overcoming those challenges. 


Last modified 03/12/2017

TA Workshops

Offered regularly by VPTL, TA workshops are a great source of training, support, and professional development for graduate student instructors and TAs. Check the VPTL website for more information and to register for events, as space can be limited and you may be required to RSVP. 

Last modified 08/11/2014

WorkLife Calendar of Events

Cardinal at Work--the office that aims to create a unified experience of community among Stanford's employees--organizes various community events, which are often also open to graduate students. Offerings include pre and post-natal fitness classes, seminars on planning for retirement, and more. In particular, if you are a parent or caregiver, you may find these resources useful as you navigate life at Stanford. 

Last modified 04/03/2017

Vault Career Intelligence

As a registered Stanford student, you have access to Vault Career Intelligence, an online reference of hundreds of employers and available jobs. Sign up using your Stanford account to get access to job search tools, employer information, and job listings. Take advantage of this incredible tool!

Last modified 08/31/2016

Teaching Courses

Many Stanford courses welcome graduate students from a variety of departments and programs. This list of current courses from Explore Courses appears to align with the Teaching domain of the GPD Framework and to be of interest to grad students broadly. Explore the list to find courses of interest to you and be sure to note any restrictions or pre-requisites.

Last modified 11/26/2014

Design Thinking Bootcamp: Experiences in Innovation and Design

This is an immersive introduction to design thinking for all graduate, postdoctoral and professional degree students. Students work in multidisciplinary teams to apply design thinking principles to a range of real world problems. Guest lecturers and coaches enhance the experience with training in team dynamics, storytelling, and project leadership. A full-quarter course that meets three days a week, there is limited enrollment and admission is by application only.

Last modified 08/13/2014

Schwab Learning Center

The Schwab Learning Center holds a commitment to shifting the paradigm of disability to a strengths-based model of learner variability, through education, innovation, and outcomes. Staffed by compassionate, dedicated experts, the center offers services to graduate students who struggle with classes, want help with time management, or would like to improve their writing skills. The center offers support to those students with learning differences or suspected learning differences, while aiming to change the way the world perceives such differences. Contact the Schwab Learning Center today to set up a consultation.

Last modified 01/14/2018

Science and the Art of Grant Writing: Strategies and Tips for Proposal Success

Hosted by the Stanford Biosciences Grant Writing Academy, this video focuses on how to compose a successful grant proposal in science. In this video, Michael Levitt, Professor of Structural Biology and winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, outlines his tips and strategies for writing successful grants. Watch this video to gain inspiration and optimize your thinking as you prepare to apply for NSF, NIH, or a similar grant. 

Last modified 09/06/2016