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The resources listed here include offices, articles, websites, slides, and other sources of information useful to graduate students. Use the search to find what you're looking for.

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Stanford/San Jose State IRACDA Program

The NIH-sponsored IRACDA program combines a traditional, principal-investigator directed postdoctoral research experience at Stanford with mentored teaching at San Jose State University. The goal of this program is to create a career development path for postdoctoral scientists in the biosciences who have a strong interest in teaching and serving as a role model for students from underrepresented populations. It is structured over a three-year period with gradually increasing responsibilities. You will find a listing of participating departments on the IRACDA website.

Applications are considered on a continuous basis.

Last modified 01/05/2017

Mentoring & Tutoring through the Haas Center

Interested in finding ways to engage with the local community? At the Haas Center for Public Service, several Education Partnerships connect Stanford students with local children. By engaging Stanford students and community youth in mentoring and tutoring relationships, the partnerships program seeks to promote educational equity within our region. Check out the Education Partnerships website for more information.

Last modified 01/28/2017

Graduate Public Service (GPS) Fellowship

Each year, the Haas Center awards GPS fellowships to twenty graduate students who are planning to integrate public service or community-engaged scholarship into their professional careers. Fellows receive a quarterly stipend, design an individual project, and join a strong network of likeminded students who meet throughout the year to develop their capacity for civic engagement. Teaching opportunities are also available to two students per year. See the Haas Center website for required qualifications and to apply. Provided in partnership with the VPGE. 

Last modified 12/16/2016

Career Counseling

Whether you're preparing for an interview, writing a resume, or  just considering your options, the career coaches at BEAM can help. Meet with a career communities team member to clarify your skills and interests, plan and structure your job hunt, explore careers, or go over your assessment results in a more personal context than a meetup or event. 

Last modified 08/06/2014

Request a Vaden Workshop

Vaden Health Center offers a wide variety of speakers, programs, and workshops to support the physical and mental well-being of Stanford students. If you lead a residence, community center, or student organization, you can request a workshop tailored to meet the specific needs of your group. Check out their website to learn more about workshop options.

Last modified 03/09/2017

Available Computers and Software

Interested in using computers and software on campus? Check out this website to learn about computer locations as well as operating systems, software, and storage available on the Stanford campus.

Last modified 08/29/2016

Tomorrow's Professor Archive & Mailing List

Explore the Tomorrow's Professor Mailing List to get to know the ins and outs of academia, from research and graduate study to teaching, faculty development, and the job search. Subscribe to receive the twice-weekly email newsletter or browse the extensive archive of past issues. 

Last modified 08/12/2016

Dual-Career Academic Couples: What Universities Need to Know

Are you well acquainted with the "Two-Body Problem"? In 2008, the Clayman Institute conducted a research study on academic dual-career couples. Seventy-two percent of the tenured and tenure-track faculty who participated in the study reported having employed partners. This PDF addresses partnering patterns in the US academic workforce and analyzes a range of university programs, policies, and practices. This guide will help you decide which types of faculty roles and academic institutions might fit your needs and values, as well as those of your partner. It is especially useful for women and people of color within dual-career couples, whom the study found are more likely to be partnered with another academic and to be the partner hire.

Note that this Clayman report contains information that is potentially useful for any dual-career couple, even if only one is an academic.

Last modified 08/07/2014

Become a Community Associate (CA)

Interested in becoming a leader in campus graduate housing life? Consider applying to become a Community Associate (CA). Working with the Graduate Life Office (GLO), CAs work to foster a sense of community among graduate students living in on-campus housing by planning and coordinating a variety of social, educational, and recreational events throughout the year. CAs are an important part of campus life!

Last modified 04/01/2017

The Four Paragraphs that Make a Killer Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is an intimidating, yet necessary, task. With this article, learn what it takes to write a letter that will both engage your prospective employer and convey the depth of your experience and skill. Provided by BEAM and accessed through Handshake, this reference provides a template and several strategies for writing your most effective cover letter yet.

Last modified 08/31/2016