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Graduate Student Programming Board (GSPB)

Funded by the Graduate Life Office, the Graduate Student Programming Board (GSPB) aims to support the graduate student community at Stanford by organizing, sponsoring, and coordinating social and educational activities for students from across all disciplines. Join the GSPB mailing list to learn more about their events and about ways to get involved. If you are interested in proposing and planning an event of your own to be sponsored by the GSPB, visit their website to learn more about that process. 

Last modified 09/12/2021

Find Computers

Need to print, scan, or use various computer programs without returning to main campus? Residential computing spaces all offer Mac/Windows computers, scanners, and printers. Check out what your nearest "Computer Cluster" has to offer!

Last modified 09/17/2021

Lane Library Classes and Workshops

The Lane Medical Library's instructional program consists of useful, skills-based workshops and classes open to all Stanford graduate students and postdocs. Here you'll find tools to locate funding sources, help you stay on top of the biomedical literature, and effectively manage references and bibliographies. Highlights include a workshop on search techniques and desktop utilities for Google search. Especially useful for researchers in biomedical specialities.

Last modified 09/12/2021

Design Thinking Bootleg

The's Design Thinking Bootleg is a compendium of tools and method used by design thinkers, formulated into a convenient (pdf) deck of cards for you to keep around. Available in English, Spanish, and German, the deck covers the five different "modes" that are the components of design thinking: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Anyone interested in design thinking can use it for inspiration or to generate new ideas for potential ways of doing things.

Last modified 09/09/2021

Strategic Personal Marketing

As you plan your move on from Stanford, think carefully about how the world sees you. This powerpoint, from a previous professional development session offered through BioSci Careers, explores the world of Strategic Personal Marketing. In this presentation, expert Richard Mains develops the idea of using science-based communications to advance your career. Whether you're looking to work in industry or in academia, look over this powerpoint for some great tips on personal branding.

Last modified 09/21/2021

The Secret to a Great Interview

This article, from BEAM and accessed through Handshake, will help you prepare for your next job interview. Filled with detailed suggestions on how to get ready for the tough questions of an interview, this resource will help you feel more confident in presenting your skills and experience effectively. Don't leave for your next interview without it!

Last modified 09/22/2021

The Tech Desk at Lathrop Library

The Tech Desk at Meyer Library allows you to check out equipment like laptops, video cameras, and projectors for free with your SUID. Also offers poster printing services and houses Meyer's lost and found. Open to all students.

Last modified 08/18/2014

Data Backup and Storage from UIT

For graduate students, one of the easiest but most important steps you can take to ensure your research goes smoothly is creating a data backup and storage plan. With such a plan, horror stories of losing an entire dissertation can be a thing of the past. Check out these numerous options from Stanford University IT to see which one is the right plan for you--and never worry about data loss again!

Last modified 09/09/2021

The Community Committee for International Students

The Community Committee for International Students is a volunteer organization affiliated with Bechtel that supports international graduate students, visiting scholars, post docs, and their families by offering gracious and helpful connections between Stanford Internationals and the community. Explore their website to learn about their social events and educational opportunities, including English classes, community advising, and opportunities for families like professional development classes.

Last modified 09/22/2021

Science Education Resources

From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this website includes several resources to help you navigate the start of your career and effectively teach new generations of scientists.

Last modified 09/17/2021