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Postdoc Programs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs offers numerous postdoc programs and events throughout the year. Covering everything from social activities and English classes, to pedagogy and mentoring, there are a wide range of events to help postdocs (and interested graduate students, when space permits) make the most out of their time at Stanford and grow personally and professionally. Check out the OPA calendar throughout the year to keep up with what's going on. 

Last modified 09/15/2021

Project Management Tips for Real Life

Stanford's Linnea Williams discusses some simple tools that you can use to make sure that you're working on the right things at the right time. Because there will always be more than you can do.. Follow the video with the session's slides and explore more resources below. (recorded March 2018)

Last modified 09/15/2021

Digitization Services

Stanford University Libraries provides high-quality digitization services for Stanford affiliates. Whether you need something from the Stanford Library or something from another institution digitized, the Digitization Services team will help you get the job done well.

Last modified 09/10/2021

Principles of Ethical and Effective Service

Using examples from its programs, the Haas Center for Public Service offers this resource to help you structure conversations about ethical community engagement and service. Designed for students engaged in service work and faculty applying for service-learning grants, but useful for anyone with an interest in learning more about principles of ethical behavior and leadership.

Last modified 09/15/2021

Research University Engaged Scholarship Toolkit

This toolkit, created by the nonprofit Campus Compact, helps promote community-engaged scholarship--scholarship that involves engagement with communities for the benefit of those communities. To do community-engaged research well requires new understanding, practice, and epistemology that is qualitatively different than that prioritized in traditional scholarship. This Toolkit contains resources that address these matters, and is useful for graduate students interested in pursuing academic paths of this nature. 

Last modified 09/15/2021

Individual Development Plan and Planning Meetings

Trying to figure out your path through grad school? Peruse the Individual Development Plan resource from BioSci Careers for tools to help you create a personal training and career plan, as well as guidance in how to speak to your advisor about your plans. While this page is primarily geared toward students in the biosciences, Individual Development Plans can prove useful to all students looking for guidance in planning their training and goals for graduate school.

Last modified 08/24/2021

Speaking Resources for Instructors

Teaching a class this year and looking for ways to enhance your students' speaking skills? This resource from the Hume Center provides ideas and support for integrating speaking components into your class. If your students will be giving oral presentations, prepare them ahead of time with a workshop from Hume. Or, arrange to have your students meet with Oral Communications Tutors to hone their skills. Being an effective teacher means getting your students the right tools; visit this website today!

Last modified 09/20/2021

Rising Environmental Leaders Program (RELP)

The Rising Environmental Leaders Program (RELP) at Stanford's Woods Institute is developing the next generation of environmental leaders. Complementing participants' formal training with experiential learning, RELP focuses on translating environmental research into national policy development. The program helps burgeoning environmental leaders to build partnerships and develop career tracks outside of academia, particularly in public service. RELP includes a one-week DC leadership training.

Doctoral and postdoctoral students from all fields, including Earth Sciences, Engineering, Business, Education, Sciences, and Humanities are welcome to apply. Preference is given to students actively working  on a Woods-affiliated project.

Last modified 09/17/2021

Mind Over Money

Start your financial literacy journey with Mind Over Money, Stanford's student resource for money management. A part of Stanford Student Affairs, Mind Over Money offers learning resources and individual consultations to help you build your knowledge on topics from budgeting and credit to investing and retirement.

Last modified 09/24/2021

Guide to Registering with the OAE

Have you had a medical issue arise and need accommodation, but don't know where to go? Has one of your students asked for accommodations in class, but has not gone through the university process? Identifying as a student with a disability begins the interactive process of requesting and receiving accommodations within Stanford University programs and services. Take a look at the Office of Accessible Education's website to see what steps and documentation the process requires.

Last modified 09/11/2021