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Graduate Certificate in the Digital Humanities

The Graduate Certificate in the Digital Humanities meets a growing need for humanists trained in digital methods. Offered by the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA), this certificate is designed to cultivate technical skills and their practical application within project-based Digital Humanities research. The program is relatively light in core course requirements and flexible as to content and timing, in order to best support the work students are doing in their home departments. You are expected to produce an e-portfolio project by the end of the program.

Admission is on a rolling basis and students may apply at any time.

Last modified 09/11/2021

The Chronicle of Higher Education

Stanford provides premium access to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Not only is this site a repository of a wealth of articles about academia and graduate school, it also has an excellent job board for both faculty and research jobs as well as other jobs in higher education. Check it out to get insight into what a career in academia and other aspects of higher education would look like. Create an account using your Stanford email address to receive premium access.

Last modified 09/22/2021

Research Training Courses

Confused on how to use your department's Pcard? Preparing to travel abroad? Unclear about what Environmental Health and Safety Training (EH&S) is needed for your lab work? Whether you need guidance on how to use OFWeb or laser safety training, check out the Training Courses offered by EH&S as well as the DoResearch portal to help you be better prepared in your Stanford career.

Last modified 09/10/2021

Writing Resources for Students

Compiled by the Hume Center, this website provides a list of resources to support your writing needs. Here, you can find various writing support tools, documentation and citation resources, grammar guides, and other useful websites.

Last modified 09/23/2021

What Do You Value? Worksheet

Matching your values to the nature of work you do and the setting in which you do it is crucial for personal and professional happiness. This quick exercise created by BEAM's Chris Golde is designed to help you identify which values are most important for you when considering career options. By no means comprehensive, this activity will help you to start envisioning the opportunities and organizations that match your personal values.

Last modified 09/23/2021

IDEAL – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in a Learning Environment

The Presidential Initiative IDEAL – Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access in a Learning Environment – is about the future of Stanford. IDEAL’s objective is to move the institution culturally to the future. The success of our teaching and research missions depends on doing this well. Through the IDEAL initiative, the university seeks to create positive change that will make Stanford better for everyone. 

The goals of IDEAL are to ensure:

  • that diversity of thought, experience and approach is represented in all sectors of our education and research enterprise
  • that all members of the campus community feel they belong and are supported regardless of their background, identity, or affiliations
  • that all members of the campus community have broad access to the opportunities and benefits of Stanford

Last modified 09/12/2021

Trans Inclusivity for Faculty and Staff Brochure

Stanford University is committed to including students of all gender identities and expressions. If you are in a teaching, mentoring, or advising role, consider reviewing this brochure from Vaden on Trans Inclusivity.  Using the correct language and terms, updating materials and resources, and adopting gender neutral language are all best practices covered in this brochure.  Use this guide as a resource to help you create a positive and supportive environment for trans students that will better let them grow, learn, and explore.

Last modified 09/23/2021

Find Teaching Opportunities

Interested in identifying TA opportunities? Or other teaching opportunities, possibly outside of your own department or even off campus? Check out this website, provided by the CTL, to learn about the many options for teaching you have both at Stanford and beyond.

Last modified 09/17/2020

Career Development Courses

Many Stanford courses welcome graduate students from a variety of departments and programs. This list of current courses from Explore Courses appears to align with Grad Grow's Career Development competency and to be of interest to grad students broadly. Explore the list to find courses of interest to you and be sure to note any restrictions or pre-requisites.

Last modified 08/25/2021

English Courses for International Graduate Students (EFS)

English for Foreign Students (EFS) offers English language courses open to all matriculated international graduate students. Courses are offered in listening, speaking, writing and TA training for non-native speakers. Courses are in specialized topics like academic discussion, listening comprehension, pronunciation, advanced writing, and English for Business and Industry.

EFS courses are for academic credit only. Auditing is not allowed. Classes are not open to visiting students, visting scholars, postdoctoral scholars, or student spouses.

Last modified 09/10/2021