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Guide to Using Canvas

No matter what your position on the Stanford campus, it's highly likely that you will interface with Canvas in some context. Whether student, TA, or instructor, this handy guide to Canvas from Stanford's Learning Technologies & Spaces team will help you learn the ins and outs of the site, and provide best practices and resources to help you make the most of this powerful tool. Check out this site to learn more about Canvas and learn how to enhance teaching and learning through it!

Last modified 09/11/2021

Overseas Scholarships

Are you interested in studying abroad as a graduate student? Many funding opportunities exist to support your work in dozens of locations overseas. The Bechtel International Center compiles a list of overseas scholarships (available to both graduate and undergraduate students) and provides application information and deadlines. Explore the list to find the perfect fit to support your graduate studies abroad. 

Last modified 09/15/2021

Sleep Better and Stress Less

Learn tools and techniques to manage stress better and to sleep more soundly with this Quick Bytes workshop presented by Stanford's Aneel Chima. Review the session's handout and find more resources below. (recorded March 2015)

Last modified 09/20/2021 Starter Kit

Looking to teach (and learn) the basics of design thinking? This virtual crash course lets you experience one of the's most popular learning tools. Download the Google slide deck to expose yourself (and potentially your students) to a medley of design abilities, methods, and mindsets.

Last modified 09/23/2021

Work and Family: Getting to 50/50

Both in graduate school and in the workplace, we can struggle to balance both work obligations and family commitments. In this video, hosted by the Center for the Advancement of Women's Leadership, experts offer key strategies and frameworks for achieving equal partnerships, so that men and women can better navigate work and life dynamics. Check out these additional resources for further insight! All videos from this Voice & Influence series on the VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab website include a downloadable discussion guide and links to further resources.

Last modified 09/23/2021

Negotiation Workshop Video

Are you facing the prospect of a job offer with potential for salary or benefits negotiation? Or, just looking to improve your negotiation skills? Either way, check out this video of Stephanie Eberle, of BioSci Careers, as she leads a Negotiation Workshop for School of Medicine students. Learn what's negotiable and what's not, how to manage assertiveness, how to maximize joint outcomes, and more. 

Last modified 09/14/2021

Stanford Health Library

Looking for a reliable source of health-related information? The Stanford Health Library aims to provide free, scientifically-based medical information to help people make informed decisions about health care. Visit their website to learn more about health conditions, diagnoses, and treatments. 

Last modified 09/20/2021

Rethinking Time: The Power of Multipliers

Feel like you never have enough time? Stanford Business School Professor Jennifer Aaker advocates reframing your concept of time in order to achieve multiple goals at once. What Aaker calls "multipliers" are single activities that fulfill multiple commitments or goals and promote being present. It is different than multitasking, which consists of trying to do several activities at once to meet different goals. Try out the linked exercises to help you build up your "time affluence." All videos from this Voice & Influence series on the VMware Women's Leadership Innovation Lab website include a downloadable discussion guide and links to further resources.

Last modified 09/14/2021

Earth Leadership Program Resources

From the Earth Leadership Program at the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment comes this selection of How-to Guides. From a multi-part guide on storytelling to tips on leading teams, there is a wealth of information here. Especially useful for late stage graduate students, postdocs, and anyone interested in an academic career. Learn how to write a mission statement and research vision, manage meetings, and set expectations!

Last modified 09/13/2021

Graduate Humanities Public Writing Project

Interested in writing about the humanities for a broad public audience? Check out the Graduate Humanities Public Writing Project, created by the Humanities & Science's Dean's Office in collaboration with the English Department. The project involves a series of events and programs designed to support humanities students in writing for and communciating to a broader, non-academic audience. 

Last modified 09/11/2021