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Community Conversation about the Global Pandemic: William Gould on Advancing Worker Protections and the Social Safety Net

William B. Gould, IV, emeritus professor of law, discusses the policy and legal agenda for advancing worker protections and the social safety net in the context of the pandemic. Professor Gould is an expert in labor law and labor relations, a critically acclaimed author and scholar and the former chairman of the National Labor Relations Board and California Agricultural Relations Board.

The Stanford community of researchers and scholars plays a vital role in understanding the medical and societal aspects of the global pandemic. Stanford scholars inform our communities and the public at-large, and provide insight and guidance to individuals and policy-makers alike, because of our unique strengths in so many fields as a university. In this way, the university is engaged with the complexities of the current leadership challenge facing our globe, as well as our representatives and policy-makers.

Find the recording of Professor Gould's conversation here.

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