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WISE and WISSH Groups

Since June 2001, Stanford has sponsored mentoring groups for doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars promoting the success of women in science and engineering (WISE). For the past several years, a similar program has also been available for doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars to promote the success of women in the social sciences and the humanities (WISSH). Open to all genders.

About WISE and WISSH

WISE and WISSH groups meet weekly for 90 minutes and the discussion topics are selected by the members.

Some of the issues the groups have addressed include:

  • negotiating with advisors
  • peer interactions in the lab
  • balancing work and personal life
  • career choices
  • the job search process
  • when and whether to have children
  • what it takes to succeed in academia.

In attending WISE or WISSH meetings, you can share support and varying perspectives, as well as practical advice. There is no charge to join one of these groups.

Groups will meet at different times during the week, at locations that are convenient for the group. Current group meeting times are shown on the "sign up questionnaires" (see below).

Registration Process:

We ask that those who sign up to have a serious interest in the groups and make a commitment to attend regularly at the designated time. You will be asked to indicate your availability in the brief sign-up survey.  The groups are open to current doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars..

Sign up for WISE

Sign up for WISSH

Time Commitment


Grad Grow Competencies

teaching & mentoring
 Diversity Equity & Inclusion
 Career Development

Events in this Program

No events at this time. Please check back later.