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VPGE Pop-Ups

Invite VPGE staff to present a professional development workshop to your graduate students – on your time, in your space.

VPGE Pop-Ups offer a range of professional development workshops for graduate students at any stage, in any degree program or discipline. Pop-Ups can stand alone or fit into an existing course as 50-90 minute sessions.

What Pop-Ups do we offer?

Skills to Succeed & Thrive in Grad School

Top Tips to Manage Graduate Life Navigate the joys and challenges of being a graduate student.
  • Learn to manage energy vs. time
  • Build productive relationships with your advisor and mentors
  • Create meaningful experiences at Stanford
Introduction to Grad Grow Explore Stanford’s vast professional development resources by using VPGE’s new search and planning tool, Grad Grow.
  • Identify the skills that will support your success in grad school and beyond
  • Use Grad Grow to create a custom action plan

Communication with your advisor

Communicating Effectively with Your Advisor Learn skills to help you communicate effectively and resolve issues with your faculty advisor to build a healthy and productive relationship.
  • Understand different communication styles
  • Appreciate the goals you and your advisor share
  • Manage productive meetings and communications with your advisor
Managing Up: How to Build Relationships Learn, practice, and apply skills and helpful tips to manage up and build relationships.
  • Build awareness on communication styles
  • Work to develop and implement expectations
  • Practice how to receive and give feedback


Building Your Mentoring Network

(workshop is 90 mins)

Learn how to build a network of supportive mentors.

  • Identify your mentoring needs
  • Create a map of current and potential mentors
  • Develop practices to maintain professional relationships
Build and Cultivate Empowering Relationships as a Mentor

Learn important skills that will help you connect with and inspire your mentees.

  • Build key competencies in cultivating empowering mentoring relationships
  • Engage your mentees in productive mindsets for success and learn how to mentor across differences
  • Plan and prepare allowing you and your mentee to get the most out of the mentoring relationship
Tools and Top Tips for Building a Great Peer Mentor Program

Learn how to build a great peer mentor program.
You will be provided with:

  • A customizable slide deck for key trainings
  • Sample communications and other tools
  • Events templates for your program throughout the academic year

What does VPGE provide?

  • Catchy title and blurb for your marketing
  • Workshop slides, materials, and handouts
  • Pre-workshop consultation to customize for your audience
  • Post-workshop evaluation template

What do YOU provide?

  • Students to participate in workshop
  • Zoom moderator to help manage participants or room/space with audiovisual tools and whiteboard
  • Communication with your students
  • Integration into your course or professional development offerings

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