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Neel Guha

My research is at the intersection of AI and law, with two areas of focus. The first pertains to how AI can improve the practice of law and expand access-to-justice. Despite the fact that the United States has the most lawyers per-capita globally, the vast majority of Americans struggle to access legal information and legal aid, for issues ranging from housing to employment. My work here aims to develop both tools for evaluating the suitability of AI systems for different legal applications (i.e., “benchmarking”), and methods which specialize AI systems to the rigors of law.

Second, I am interested in the challenges that governing AI poses for the legal system. In many traditionally human-centered domains (e.g., medicine), the status quo legal doctrine does not account for the nuances or complexity of AI. My work here explores how the law should evolve to AI, by focusing on how regimes for other complex products (e.g., cars, securities, and pharmaceuticals) can offer guidance.