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Merve Cerit

In an era where screens are inseparable from daily life and technology companies prioritize addictive experiences, the line between productivity and addiction has become blurred. Studies increasingly report that excessive and compulsive smartphone behaviors are closely linked to anxiety, depression, ADHD, and loneliness. These behaviors result in impaired sleep quality, cognitive function, and face-to-face communication skills. It is urgent to shed light on the underlying mechanisms behind the relationship between smartphone use, cognitive development, and mental health. In my research, I utilize longitudinal data from smartphones, capturing millions of screenshots at five-second intervals over the course of a year. This data serves as the foundation for developing a computational toolkit aimed at modeling, detecting, and predicting the cognitive and socioemotional states of smartphone users, based on their behavioral patterns and content engagement. 

My mission is to bridge the gap between scientific research and everyday technologies to promote better cognitive and mental health outcomes for all.