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Jasmine Michelle Cox

I aim to take production of graphene aerogel (GA), a material crucial to semiconductor device technology, to (literally!) new heights on the International Space Station (ISS) to explore changes in its physical properties when gravity is removed from its synthesis and fabrication environment. This work is at the crux of the emerging In-space Manufacturing (ISM) field which aims to harness the unique environment of space to create materials for utilization either on Earth or on-demand use in space. As we enter a new space age, four commercial space stations will be launched into orbit giving unprecedented experimental opportunity. This work utilizes the interdisciplinary approach of merging the Earth-based semiconductor expertise with stakeholders in the space exploration domain to consider how fabrication of electronics could be done in a microgravity environment. I believe that the environmental conditions found in space that have typically been viewed as problems to solve may just be the key to creating the next generation of devices.