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Fiona Lee

Photo of Fiona

Fiona Lee

PhD candidate, Department of Psychology


As a 6th year PhD candidate in social psychology, Fiona studies psychological factors that prevent individuals of certain social groups from advancing in professional settings. She is particularly interested in psychological barriers women may face in their career trajectory, and her dissertation examines the gender difference in how much one wants to be prepared before applying for jobs and a way to close such difference. Throughout her PhD program, Fiona has taught psychology as a TA and an instructor in many undergraduate courses at Stanford. Fiona's greatest joy comes from the classroom, where she strives to provide effective learning experience as well as warm emotional support to students she connects with. She has a keen interest in creating an inclusive learning environment to ensure the success of students from diverse backgrounds.

Fiona is a current Preparing Future Professors Fellow and has developed and taught courses integrating psychology and design thinking at Stanford Splash and facilitated a course in the Life Design Lab.