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Stanford psychology graduate student Natalia Vélez is ‘The Science Sketcher’

image of a sketchnote from a talke
Image credit: Natalia Vélez
Sep 9 2019
Fellow, Stanford, Students

In high school, Natalia Vélez got in trouble for doodling during French class, even though she was drawing tiny characters speaking French – accent marks included – in miniature comic strips, using the phrases her teacher was presenting.

Vélez, who is now a PhD student in psychology in the School of Humanities and Sciences, said she scribbled in the margins of notebooks throughout elementary and high school.

“Even if I was paying attention in class, I would just be so restless,” she said during a recent campus interview in Jordan Hall, home of the Department of Psychology at Stanford. “I just always needed to do something with my hands.”

Natalia Vélez is a 2014 EDGE-SBE Fellow.

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