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Thinking beyond the academic degree

PhD students Yanjun Liu and Tianmei Wang attended a Stanford Earth Pro-Seminar on Initiating Scientific Collaborations with Earth system science Professor Kate Maher.

Image credit: Getty Images
Apr 27 2022
Fellow, Research, Stanford

Graduate students and postdoctoral researchers spend countless hours in pursuit of information and technical skills to become specialists in their fields. New sources, programming languages, algorithms, and biological clues beget insights and innovation that lead to shrewd expositions.

But research is just part of the recipe for success following graduate work.

Other skills, such as the ability to bolster collaborative teams, manage direct reports, and exercise influence with confidence and humility can be critical for advancing into rewarding careers.

With the Stanford Earth Academic Professional Program that launched April 1, graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences (Stanford Earth) now have the opportunity to delve deeper into their professional development through a program that provides formal structure and additional support around the opportunities that were previously available. Participants earn a certificate that can be noted on their CVs upon completion.

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