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Student Podcast Tackles Science

Student members of the Goggles Optional podcast pose for a group photo
Photo: Courtesy Goggles Optional
Nov 30 2018
Stanford, Students

A lively group of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers is on a mission to show the public why science is cool, one podcast episode at a time. Their weekly audio show, Goggles Optional, offers a professional yet humorous take on the latest happenings in science.

Now in its fifth year, the podcast has explored such topics as how neurons work, what happens when stars collide, how ancient DNA offers clues about the domestication of dogs, and the effects of stress and trauma on memory. There are guest speakers, game-show shenanigans (e.g., “beer goggles”—science talk while drinking suds) and educational songs, including “Game of Thrones Physics.”

Goggles Optional has been a SPICE (Student Projects for Intellectual Community Enhancement)-funded project since 2015-16.

Host and producer Nora Brackbill is a 2015-16 DIF funding recipient and a 2013 EDGE-STEM Fellow.