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Stanford trustees hear presentations on graduate education, approve development projects, tour Escondido Village Graduate Residences

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Image credit: Farrin Abbott
Feb 12 2020
Education, Stanford, Students, VPGE

At its Feb. 9-11 meeting, Stanford’s Board of Trustees heard presentations on graduate education from the new vice provost for graduate education and postdoctoral affairs, as well as a panel of deans and a panel of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

At the conclusion of the two-day meeting, Jeff Raikes, chair of the Board of Trustees, shared highlights from the presentations.

Raikes said graduate education at Stanford was an overarching area of focus at the recent meeting, which began with a presentation by Stacey F. Bent, who became vice provost for graduate education and postdoctoral affairs in September.

She provided an overview of graduate education at Stanford and addressed why graduate programs are important to the university, and also to the nation and the world.

Raikes said trustees also talked about the significant affordability challenges that Stanford graduate students and postdocs face. To address the rising costs of graduate education and postdoctoral training, Stanford has increased graduate aid by 40 percent since 2013, increased the minimum salaries of postdocs and taken other steps to promote affordability.

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