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Stanford students help overwhelmed lab in Monterey County with COVID-19 testing

Jose Miguel Andrade Lopez and Paul Bump stand in a lab
Image credit: Courtesy Paul Bump
Apr 30 2020
Stanford, Students

A small lab providing COVID-19 testing to residents in two nearby counties is getting some much-needed support from Stanford students.

In March, the Monterey County Public Health Lab was struggling to meet demand for COVID-19 testing. Working around the clock to process tests, the lab’s small staff quickly became overwhelmed. When Stanford grad student Paul Bump learned that the staff was on the verge of burnout, he immediately reached out to the lab’s director.

“I had already become familiar with testing protocols and had done some similar things before, like extracting RNA,” Bump said. “So I thought I could help.”

Bump is a fourth-year doctoral student studying developmental biology. He’s primarily based at Stanford’s Hopkins Marine Station in Pacific Grove, where his research is focused on marine animals. Although his research isn’t directly related to the work the lab is doing, he knew he had the ability to assist them.

Paul Bump is a 2017-18 and 2018-19 SPICE funding recipient.