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Stanford student mental health and well-being services expanded

an infographic showing how a student navigates the new counseling and psychological services model at Stanford
Image credit: Courtesy Stanford Counseling and Psychological Services
Aug 29 2019
Stanford, Students

The need for mental health and well-being services for students on college campuses is increasing nationwide, including at Stanford. The growing demand here on the Farm has led Vaden Health Center to implement changes to how it provides services to students, including a new Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) model and a renaming and expansion of services at Wellness and Health Promotion Services.

Over the past several months, the university has accomplished much in the way it supports student mental health and well-being, according to Bina Patel, director of CAPS. Initiatives include campus-wide conversations with students and community members about the growing need for support, additional resources for CAPS, well-being and resource matrix trainings, and partnerships with the JED initiative, a nationwide program to address mental health issues among teens and young adults.

Patel said that due to growing demand, Vaden Health Services recognized the need to modify its process for providing mental health and well-being services. The services needed to be more flexible, and wait times needed to be decreased.

“We have been focusing on how we can get students in the door earlier, how can we connect students to services across campus and how can we expand our range of services,” she said. “We’ve also recognized the need for more flexibility in how counseling sessions are provided.”

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