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Stanford researchers create new catalyst that can turn carbon dioxide into fuels

Aisulu Aitbekova and Matteo Cargnello wear safety goggles and stand in front of intricate lab equipment
Image credit: Mark Golden
Oct 17 2019
Fellow, Research, Stanford

Imagine grabbing carbon dioxide from car exhaust pipes and other sources and turning this main greenhouse gas into fuels like natural gas or propane: a sustainability dream come true.

Several recent studies have shown some success in this conversion, but a novel approach from Stanford University engineers yields four times more ethane, propane and butane than existing methods that use similar processes. While not a climate cure-all, the advance could significantly reduce the near-term impact on global warming.

Lead author Aisulu Aitbekova is a 2016 EDGE-STEM Fellow and a 2017 Stanford Graduate Fellow. Contributor Emmett Goodman is an EDGE Mentor.

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