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Stanford hosts pilot pop-up food pantry

Kyla Bryant sits at a table with boxes of food for donation.
Image credit: Courtesy Kyla Bryant
Aug 29 2019
Stanford, Students

Stanford Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) staff and graduate and undergraduate students helped distribute food at a pilot food pantry event Monday afternoon in Escondido Village. This was the first of three planned pop-up food pantry events supporting students and their families who self-identify as food insecure. The three-month pilot will continue in September and October.

The pilot program grew out of conversations between R&DE Stanford Dining and students. Collaboration with the Graduate Student Council, ASSU and the Stanford Solidarity Network was critical in assuring the program’s success.

“It’s always very gratifying to work closely with students on programs that are important to them and support their needs,” said Eric Montell, executive director of R&DE Stanford Dining. “I am thankful for their partnership and look forward to working together on future programs.”

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