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Stanford Earth graduates: Meet the planet’s challenges

6 people in doctoral robes stand behind flowers and an American flag
Photo credit: Javier Flores
Jun 17 2019
Fellow, Stanford, Students

The challenges facing humanity today – rising demands for energy, water, food, and livable land in the wake of a steadily growing global population – are critical. At a diploma ceremony June 16, Dean Stephan Graham told graduates of the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences (Stanford Earth) that he is confident in their ability to deliver solutions.

Graham encouraged the school’s undergraduate and graduate degree recipients to make a positive impact on the “complex, rapidly changing, disruptive world” using the unique skill sets and knowledge they developed at Stanford Earth. With expertise in understanding Earth’s behavior, history, and sustainability challenges, graduates are prepared “to help meet the needs of people while preserving the life support systems of the planet on which we, our children and grandchildren, and the millions of species with whom we share this planet, depend,” he said.

Graham expressed optimism in their ability to tackle these challenges and is “confident that the future is secure in [their] hands,” even if that future is an unknown.

VPGE serves the entire graduate student community across all seven schools, including the School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences

Award winners for the Stanford Earth Certificate for Outstanding Achievement in Mentoring include: 
Katerina Gonzales, a 2015 EDGE-STEM Fellow and EDGE Mentor, 2018 DARE Fellow, and 2018-19 DIF funding recipient; 
Heidi Hirsch, a 2019 ARCS Scholar;
Ginny Isava, a 2015 EDGE-STEM Fellow;
Alandra Lopez, a 2015 EDGE-STEM Fellow and EDGE Mentor;
Rebecca MIller, a 2019 SIGF; 
Caroline Muraida, a 2018 EDGE-STEM Fellow; and

Holger Teichgraeber, a 2014 SGF; 

Award winners for the Centennial TA Awards include:
Will Gearty, a 2018 ARCS Scholar;

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