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Stanford doctoral student receives dissertation fellowship award

Profile photo of Ashley Fabrizio
Image credit: Jackie Sargent
Oct 10 2019
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Stanford political science PhD student Ashley Fabrizio is a recipient of the Jennings Randolph Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowship, awarded by the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). The fellowship provides $20,000 to support her dissertation writing and research on peacebuilding and conflict management in the final year of her PhD program.

“It is an honor to join a distinguished community of USIP Peace Scholars working to build a more peaceful and inclusive world from positions in research, teaching and policymaking,” Fabrizio said.

Through her research, Fabrizio seeks to understand why governments repress their minority ethnic groups and how different types of repression affect large-scale political mobilization by these groups in support of their rights, autonomy and political independence. Her dissertation, Contingent Radicalization: Government Repression’s Differential Effect on Ethnonationalist Mobilization, will analyze the political mobilization and experiences of ethnic Kurds in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey since World War I./p>

Ashley Fabrizio is a 2014 EDGE-SBE Fellow.