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Stanford doctoral student named IF/THEN ambassador

Profile photo of Dorothy Tovar
Image credit: Courtesy Dorothy Tovar
Nov 14 2019
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Stanford doctoral student Dorothy Tovar has been selected to serve as an IF/THEN ambassador for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The role comes with financial support for her work providing mentorship and encouragement to girls interested in STEM fields.

“I’m honored to be that example for girls who aren’t sure they can do it and show them what is possible,” Tovar said. “The innovations coming out of research and tech are shaping the world we live in. To me, having the people behind these advancements reflect the diversity of the people affected by them is a matter of justice.”

Tovar, who is studying microbiology and immunology, is one of 125 women innovators – selected from a pool of 700 applicants nationwide – to serve as ambassadors. For the next 18 months, she will interface with girls in STEM fields through various platforms and events.

Dorothy Tovar is a 2019 DARE Fellow.