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In the Spotlight: From Peru, to language, privilege and neuroscience

Photo of Eddy Albarran, standing and smiling in front of a green space outside of a building at Stanford
Photo by Becky Bach
Jan 24 2019
Fellow, Stanford, Students

In the Spotlight features standout scholars in the School of Medicine. Read Becky Bach's interview with Eddy Albarran:

Eddy Albarran has a killer story about how he happened to attend Stanford, first as an undergrad and now as a graduate student in neurosciences. I'll let him dive right in:

"We're originally from Peru, but we were living in Idaho and my mom was working as a housekeeper. She worked for a great man who was a professor here [the late Norman Nie, PhD]. She saw Stanford this and Stanford that all over the house.She came home and said you've got to go to this place. She forced me to apply. I had no idea what it was.Once I got in and came to check it out, I found out what Stanford really was."

Eddy Albarran is a 2018 DARE Fellow and a SPICE funding recipient.