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Jul 27 2017 | The Dish Fellow, Stanford
Devin McMahon, a PhD student in Earth system science, placed first among 2,355 women in the San Francisco Marathon on July 23.
Jul 17 2017 | Scope Fellow, Research, Stanford
Physicians have to walk a tough line when encouraging healthy behavior. Take Dr. J. She bikes to work, swims over lunch, jogs on the weekend and eats primarily veggies grown in her garden, supplemented by fish and poultry purchased at the local farmer’s market. Will she relate well with Ms. E, who...
Jun 30 2017 | Stanford News Research, Stanford
Bay Area teachers gathered at Stanford for a five-week program this spring that provided educators strategies to teach Islam. The program, a collaboration involving three Stanford organizations, doesn’t shy away from Islam’s complicated nature. A unique collaboration at Stanford is bringing a...