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May 10 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
When undergraduates know how previous students performed in courses at their university, they end up receiving slightly lower class grades on average than they would have if they did not check out that information, according to Stanford research.
Mar 12 2018 | Stanford Earth Research, Stanford, Students
Nearly every major plan to limit the damage from climate change relies in part on combining bioenergy with carbon capture and storage, a technology in early development known as “BECCS.” Feedstock plants would grow by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, and the carbon-dioxide generated from...
Sep 6 2017 | Stanford Engineering Fellow, Research, Stanford
Energy planners now talk about “citizen utilities” that would generate substantial power to complement the output of traditional utilities. To facilitate this shift from traditional, centralized power plants to distributed local networks, a trio of Stanford researchers has developed ReMatch, a...
Aug 26 2017 | Gizmodo Fellow, Research, Stanford
Many animals endemic to islands have gone the proverbial "way of the dodo", including, well, the dodo. Island species face some of the toughest climate and human-induced challenges, and some of them just don't make it out alive. But new research shows how one strange creature — the solenodon — was...
Aug 17 2017 | Stanford Medicine Awards, Fellow, Research, Stanford
It is now possible to scour complete human genomes for the presence of disease-associated genes without revealing any genetic information not directly associated with the inquiry, say Stanford University researchers. This “genome cloaking” technique, devised by biologists, computer scientists and...
Aug 16 2017 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
Team Traptasia had a problem: The tiny baby sea anemones they were trying to ensnare are, unlike their adult forms, surprisingly powerful swimmers. They are also, as team member and chemical engineering graduate student Daniel Hunt put it, “pretty squishy little deformable things.” Previous...
Aug 14 2017 | Washington Post Research, Stanford, Students
A controversial California climate program got a shot of good news this month when a study suggested it is successfully reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and providing other environmental benefits on the side.
Jul 28 2017 | Stanford Graduate School of Education Education, Stanford
The new cross-disciplinary PhD expands opportunities for students and faculty to study issues of race, inequality and language. What began in 2012 as a somewhat loosely structured opportunity for education students and faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Education to explore issues of race,...
Jul 27 2017 | The Dish Fellow, Stanford
Devin McMahon, a PhD student in Earth system science, placed first among 2,355 women in the San Francisco Marathon on July 23.