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Jan 22 2019 | The New York Times Fellow, Research, Stanford
In the age of the internet, it’s easier than ever to pull together lots of information to find the best doctor. And if you’re like most patients, the metric you probably rely on most is the doctor’s credentials. Where did she go to school? How many patients has he treated with this condition?
Dec 6 2018 | Scope Fellow, Stanford, Students
Two weeks ago, researchers at Harvard published a study that looked at mental health issues in economics graduate students at several universities. They found that levels of moderate to severe anxiety and depression in these students were three times greater than the national average. In the same...
Dec 6 2018 | Stanford Medicine Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
An insulin injection can manage diabetes symptoms, but actually curing the disease would mean healing cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, a hormone that regulates the amount of sugar in blood. One promising approach may be to stimulate the regeneration of those cells with drugs. But there’s...
Nov 26 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
Indigenous communities have used muskrat fur to make clothing for generations and the animal’s meat is considered a seasonal delicacy. But it turns out decades of trapping are not primarily responsible for the animal’s decline across North America.
Nov 20 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
People wearing smoke masks, children going stir-crazy indoors, families driving hours to find fresh air. Alarming as it is to some, unhealthy air enveloping the San Francisco Bay Area in recent days is all too familiar to millions of people around the world (see global ranking and air pollution map...
Nov 5 2018 | Stanford Medicine Stanford, Students
When Cooper Galvin came to Stanford in 2014 to earn a PhD in biophysics, he intended to work toward winning a Nobel Prize, or at least curing tuberculosis. "It hasn't really happened that way," Galvin admitted. Instead, perhaps just as spectacularly, he — along with a group of other Stanford...
Oct 26 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
In the basement of the Gates Computer Science Building at Stanford University, a screen attached to a red robotic arm lights up. A pair of cartoon eyes blinks. “Meet Bender,” says Ajay Mandlekar, PhD student in electrical engineering.
Oct 17 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
It might seem like the only thing anyone could do with forensic DNA is match suspects to crime scenes. After all, agencies like the FBI don’t track the same kind of genetic information as health or ancestry databases like GEDmatch or But that view is starting to erode. Now, Stanford...
Oct 5 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
For graduate student Amy Braun, an experiment that revealed sex differences in a model of autism wasn’t initially a surprise – differences between male and female mice had been found in many other studies, and had been largely ignored.
Aug 23 2018 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
As Liqun Luo was writing his introductory textbook on neuroscience in 2012, he found himself in a quandary. He needed to include a section about a vital system in the brain controlled by the chemical messenger serotonin, which has been implicated in everything from mood to movement regulation. But...