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Jan 12 2022 | VPGE News Students, VPGE
“Critical Studies of Blackness in Education (CSBE) creates a space where graduate students can engage with the discipline of Black Studies – particularly the theoretical underpinnings rooted in Black knowledge – and apply those lessons to the field of education,” said CoCo Massengale, PhD student...
Jan 11 2022 | Stanford Report Faculty, Stanford
Elizabeth Reese was 15 and a prospective freshman when she first set foot on the Stanford campus. She was 22 when she visited again, surveying JD programs. But it was years later, still, when she did what “felt like destiny” and finally accepted an offer on the Farm. Signing employment papers on...
Jan 6 2022 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Fellow, Research, Stanford
Lithium metal batteries could store much more charge in a given space than today’s lithium-ion batteries, and the race is on to develop them for next-gen electric vehicles, electronics and other uses. But one of the hurdles that stand in the way is a silent battle between two of the battery’s parts...
Dec 30 2021 | Stanford Energy Fellow, Research, Stanford
Forbes’ 2022 “30 Under 30” feature includes two current Stanford University students and eight recent alumni developing energy- and sustainability-related technologies. The 2022 list has the most Stanford students and alumni in cleantech since Forbes started its “30 Under 30” feature 10 years ago.
Dec 16 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Unlike the jumble of frequencies produced by the light that surrounds us in daily life, each frequency of light in a specialized light source known as a “soliton” frequency comb oscillates in unison, generating solitary pulses with consistent timing.