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Jun 22 2020 | Stanford Graduate School of Education Education, Stanford, Students
The shelter-in-place order that went out in mid-March scattered many GSE students, disrupting their coursework, research, and sense of well-being. These stories reflect both the breadth of our programs and the creativity of our students to meet the moment.
Jun 18 2020 | Stanford Graduate School of Education Stanford, Students
In virtual celebrations honoring the 2020 graduates of Stanford Graduate School of Education, faculty recognized the extraordinary efforts of their students during an uncertain time and praised their commitment to serve society through teaching, discovery, and innovation. Over several days from...
Jun 18 2020 | Stanford News Stanford, Students
Last month, Stanford’s Graduate Student Council elected PhD candidate Kari Barclay and coterminal master’s student Will Paisley as its new co-chairs.
Jun 17 2020 | Stanford Law School Stanford, Students
On June 14, 2020, 261 graduating Stanford Law School (SLS) students celebrated their accomplishments and each other virtually via video and chat rooms, with the promise to come together to cheer each other in person at a later date. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Stanford University’s in-person...
Jun 15 2020 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
In 2017, Stanford University researchers presented a new device that mimics the brain’s efficient and low-energy neural learning process. It was an artificial version of a synapse – the gap across which neurotransmitters travel to communicate between neurons – made from organic materials. In 2019,...