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Recent News

Apr 2 2018 | Stanford News Stanford, Students
The Student Families Working Advisory Group (SFWAG) released a report offering recommendations to address many of the challenges experienced by graduate student parents who manage demanding academic, research and family responsibilities. View the report here (Stanford WebLogin required).
Apr 2 2018 | VPGE News Students, VPGE
The Stanford Graduate Summer Institute (SGSI) 2018 application is now open.
Mar 18 2018 | Stanford News Stanford, Students
Christopher “Tripp” Zanetis, a 2017 graduate of Stanford Law School, died March 15 near the border of western Iraq and Syria when his U.S. military helicopter crashed during a troop transport.
Mar 16 2018 | Stanford Medicine Stanford, Students
Stanford medical students gathered together on Match Day to find out where they would serve their residencies for the next three or more years. Victoria Boggiano, a soon-to-graduate Stanford medical student fresh out of scrubs and wearing a pink dress, had one word for how she was feeling at 8:30...
Mar 15 2018 | Newsletter Events, Newsletter, Students, VPGE
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