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Feb 6 2017 | The Stanford Daily Research, Stanford, Students
Researchers at Stanford have made mice glow using a new gene therapy technique, showing that the process can work on living animals. Named charge-altering releasable transporters (CARTs), the new technique allows researchers to control how much of a desired protein is expressed inside a cell, and...
Feb 6 2017 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
Three methods of research find that the situation in which an online discussion occurs influences whether people will troll more than their personal past of trolling suggests. Internet trolls, by definition, are disruptive, combative and often unpleasant with their offensive or provocative online...
Feb 1 2017 | Stanford News Announcement, Education, Stanford
As she takes office as provost, Persis Drell shares her thoughts on her new role, the Stanford community and the university’s future. Read the full article
Feb 1 2017 | Stanford News Announcement, Stanford
As events continue to unfold regarding federal immigration policy, Stanford University has set up a page to provide resources for members of the Stanford community. Visit page
Jan 31 2017 | Stanford Engineering Fellow, Research, Stanford
Online social networks are all around us, yet there is little understanding of how they influence our offline activities. How do online networks influence our real-world behavior?