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Jan 7 2014 | Stanford Report Events, Research, Students
The high-tech poetry competition, which explored how computer code can be read as poetic language, is accepting submissions for the next competition. Leslie Wu, who won the Stanford Code Poetry Slam, is a DARE Doctoral Fellow.
Dec 6 2013 | Stanford Report Awards, Research, Students
In sub-Saharan Africa, about one out of five people purchases water from neighbors connected to public or private utility lines, which is illegal in many places. Stanford researchers are challenging the logic of discouraging the practice, known as resale. Valentina Zuin, lead author of the study,...
Dec 5 2013 | Stanford Report Awards, Students
PhD candidate Amanda Cannata sheds light on how ethnicity, gender and class were represented through musical events at the 19th and early 20th century world's fairs. Amanda is a recipient of the VPGE's Diversity Dissertation Research Opportunity award, for support of her archival research in...
Nov 19 2013 | Stanford Report Students
Stanford has convened a task force to review and evaluate the state and perception of the safety culture in campus research laboratories, and to recommend ways to promote and advance a robust and positive safety culture among researchers.
Oct 15 2013 | Stanford Report Education, Students, VPGE
New research from Stanford psychologists reveals that the amount parents speak directly to their toddler can make an incredible difference in the child's language proficiency and vocabulary. BY BJORN CAREY Just as young children need nourishing food to build physical strength, they also need...