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Apr 13 2017 | Stanford News Education, Fellow, Stanford, Students
Stanford Earth aims to draw more than 1,000 students from multiple majors for field learning every year at its working farm, complete with animals and crops. On a 6-acre spread on the west side of campus, scents of lavender and mint lead the way into the O’Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm.
Apr 11 2017 | Stanford News Education, Fellow, Stanford, Students
The historic Roble Hall houses a multifaceted program that focuses on hard questions, like how to get 300 students engaged daily and deeply with sustainability. Venerable, ivy-covered Roble Hall will turn 100 in 2018. Roble resident fellow Jeffrey Ball hopes that, in its second century, the dorm...
Apr 11 2017 | The Stanford Daily Stanford, Students
Generally expected to pursue careers in academia, some Ph.D. students are now bucking tradition and going into industry upon graduation, taking jobs at tech companies in Silicon Valley — much to the dismay of their faculty advisors, some students say. One field in which the Ph.D. tech trend is...
Apr 10 2017 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
Researchers in the Lentink lab developed a new way to record wing shape during bird flight in 3D. This high-resolution, high-speed, automated reconstruction method could be applied to any studies of movement.
Apr 6 2017 | Stanford Medicine Fellow, Research, Stanford
Neuroscientists’ discovery of grid cells, popularly known as the brain’s GPS, was hailed as a major discovery. But new Stanford research suggest the system is more complicated than anyone had guessed. Just like a driver in a car, the brain needs some basic navigational instruments to get around,...