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Aug 26 2016 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
On the first day of kindergarten, poor children are already behind. But the distance they need to cover to start school on par with richer kids has shortened – in spite of widening economic inequality – according to surprising new research co-authored by Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE)...
Aug 19 2016 | NPR Fellow, Research, Stanford
At about 8 a.m. ET today, far above Earth, astronaut Jeff Williams floated out a hatch and then welcomed Kate Rubins into the void. "OK Kate, come on out," said Williams. "OK, copy," said Rubins. And with that, the two Americans began a six-hour assignment to install a new docking port to the...
Aug 16 2016 | Stanford Graduate School of Business Announcement, Stanford, Students
After Jonathan Levin was awarded the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal in 2011, a journal noted one of the many things that made the economist stand out from his peers: His exposure to economics started not in the classroom “but at the dinner table.” The newly appointed dean of Stanford GSB is the...
Aug 4 2016 | Stanford Earth Stanford, Students
Over the last five years, 37 percent of SURGE alumni have entered graduate school, 26 percent are pursuing geoscience-related industry careers, and more than a third are completing their undergrad degrees.
Jul 26 2016 | The Dish Awards, Fellow, Stanford
Two Stanford graduate students have won fellowships from the National Academy of Education (NAEd) and the Spencer Foundation for dissertation proposals that focus, respectively, on immigrant students in U.S. schools and on teacher compensation.