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Feb 9 2018 | Stanford News Stanford
As an urban studies major, Erika Topete, ’12, knew she could turn to her professors for academic advice analyzing any aspect of federal education policy. But when it came to making financial decisions – selecting a credit card company, choosing between additional loans and a job, considering...
Feb 9 2018 | Stanford Student Affairs Events, Stanford
The “Plus” wasn’t the weather, even though many attendees appreciated the spring-like temperatures. It was the opportunity to share best practices, get affirmation for the work they do and to dig deeply into conversations about equity, diversity and intersectionality.
Feb 7 2018 | Stanford Graduate School of Business Fellow, Research, Stanford
Despite such challenges as inadequate access to capital, the number of Latino-owned businesses in the U.S. is growing at a rate that outpaces just about every other ethnic group, a new study from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative found.
Feb 6 2018 | GAP Stanford
The new Lactation Accommodation Policy (GAP 5.9.1) was published on January 19, 2018. Stanford University supports the importance of health and bonding for parents nursing their infants. To promote a family-friendly work environment and to ensure access for students and postdoctoral scholars who...
Feb 1 2018 | Stanford News Stanford
Stanford’s long-range planning effort takes a leap forward today with the release to the campus community of 37 white papers produced by four area steering groups.