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Jul 27 2021 | Stanford Today Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
LaTonia “Tonia” Gladney Karr, ’92, and her husband, Adam Karr, have made a generous gift to Stanford that will support postdoctoral fellows studying race and education and also strengthen services for the Black student community.
Jul 27 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
This past spring, Stanford University computer scientists unveiled their pandemic brainchild, Code In Place, a project where 1,000 volunteer teachers taught 10,000 students across the globe the content of an introductory Stanford computer science course.
Jul 22 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
For much of human history, animals and plants were perceived to follow a different set of rules than rest of the universe. In the 18th and 19th centuries, this culminated in a belief that living organisms were infused by a non-physical energy or “life force” that allowed them to perform remarkable...
Jul 15 2021 | Stanford Energy Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
A “tantalizing” principle borrowed from nature turns harmful methane into useful methanol at room temperature. A team of researchers from Stanford University and the University of Leuven in Belgium has further elucidated the process in a new study in the current edition of Science.
Jul 14 2021 | Stanford News Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
The sun provides a daunting source of electromagnetic disarray – chaotic, random energy emitted by the massive ball of gas arrives to Earth in a wide spectrum of radio frequencies. But in that randomness, Stanford researchers have discovered the makings of a powerful tool for monitoring ice and...