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Sep 13 2021 | Newsletter Events, Newsletter, Students, VPGE
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Sep 10 2021 | VPGE News Students, VPGE
Laura Ng, PhD candidate in Anthropology, felt elated when she learned she had received the 2021 VPGE Research Teaching Award for the Asian American Activities Center. The award acknowledges students who plan to have a career in academia and demonstrate excellence in research and teaching.
Sep 10 2021 | VPGE News Stanford, Students, VPGE
Dear Graduate and Professional Students, I always eagerly anticipate the energy that comes with the start of the new academic year at Stanford! I’m especially excited this year for us to return to campus after facing extraordinary challenges these past 18 months. I look forward to feeling the...
Sep 9 2021 | Stanford Energy Faculty, Fellow, Research, Stanford
Scientists have spent decades searching for faster, more energy-efficient memory technologies for everything from large data centers to mobile sensors and other flexible electronics. Among the most promising data storage technologies is phase-change memory, which is thousands of times faster than...
Sep 8 2021 | Stanford Today Stanford
The university has achieved an important milestone in its ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategy through the completion of the first step of the IDEAL Learning Journey. Its primary goal is to drive culture change and improve the employment experience for all staff.