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Jul 3 2019 | Stanford Earth Fellow, Research, Stanford
Fifteen million years ago, the Earth’s climate entered into a period of slow, continuous cooling, and simultaneously the Antarctic ice sheet grew steadily larger. Finally, around 2.5 million years ago, Greenland became covered in ice, thrusting the Earth into its current bipolar ice age.
Jul 2 2019 | School of Humanities and Sciences Stanford, Students
Stanford political scientist Kevin Mintz says his research on sexual freedoms has been shaped by everything from his own experience with cerebral palsy to his encounters with the arts and his study of political theory. Kevin Mintz, PhD '19, is a 2017 DARE Fellow. Read the full article
Jun 27 2019 | Stanford Report Fellow, Research, Stanford
Recently, some prominent men in science have publicly declared they wouldn’t attend scientific meetings that don’t adequately represent women, but a new study suggests the problem isn’t just representation – women also don’t participate at the same level as men, even when they are well represented.
Jun 24 2019 | Stanford Medicine Stanford, Students
Cooper Galvin remembers being inspired to become a scientist back when he was a high schooler in Alaska. Galvin, now a graduate student in biophysics at Stanford, was encouraged to follow his own interests, and was given the support and space to experiment, make mistakes, and try, try again.
Jun 18 2019 | Stanford Graduate School of Business Stanford, Students
On Saturday, June 15, Lord Browne of Madingley, MS ’81 and former CEO of BP, encouraged 511 graduates of Stanford Graduate School of Business to speak up for change, especially when their identities or ideas are unpopular. He referenced the challenges he faced coming out as gay in the corporate...