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Nov 15 2019 Grad Ed Champion, Stanford, Students, VPGE
Meet Tina Cheuk, Assistant Professor at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo and Stanford Graduate School of Education alumna. "During my five years here I co-led two student organizations. The first one was Mothers in Academia and that turned into the Student Parent Alliance."
Nov 13 2019 | Stanford Daily Education, Events, Stanford, Students, VPGE
Three women, each acclaimed for their leadership in the field of education, sat together in Levinthal Hall at the Stanford Humanities Center sharing stories of their pathways to leadership. Each of the panelists had once been a president of Foothill College, a top community college in California,...
Nov 7 2019 | Stanford News Events, Stanford, Students, VPGE
A high-pressure, high-stakes environment like Stanford can sometimes make a person doubt themselves and think “I’m not good enough, I don’t belong here” or “I’m not really that smart.” There’s a name for the feelings that lead to these thoughts. It’s called impostor syndrome. “It’s the unconscious...
Nov 6 2019 | Stanford News Announcement, Stanford
Few people within the Stanford community likely have as much experience as university archaeologist Laura Jones with the issues involved in renaming university landmarks celebrating Junipero Serra, the 18th-century Spanish missionary who founded the California Mission system.
Oct 31 2019 | Stanford News Stanford, VPGE
Supporting graduate students and postdoctoral scholars is a second career for new Vice Provost Stacey Bent. As the Jagdeep and Roshni Singh Professor in the School of Engineering and Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bent has taught and mentored countless aspiring scientists in her lab, Bent...