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New GSC co-chairs on supporting graduate students during challenging times

side by side photos of Krai Barclay and Will Paisley
Image credit: Courtesy Kari Barclay and Will Paisley
Jun 18 2020
Stanford, Students

Last month, Stanford’s Graduate Student Council elected PhD candidate Kari Barclay and coterminal master’s student Will Paisley as its new co-chairs.

The students enter their new leadership roles under unprecedented circumstances, as the COVID-19 pandemic and protests against anti-Black violence continue to challenge daily life, both at Stanford and globally. Barclay and Paisley recognize the immense obstacles ahead and acknowledge that their efforts going forward are both bolstered by and a continuation of years of hard work from their predecessors.

“Serving on the GSC to me means building on a history of graduate students at Stanford who have advocated for affordable housing, racial equity, subsidized childcare and the other guarantees that we’re still trying to fully realize as a university,” Barclay said.

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