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Meet Amber Moore

Amber Moore sits in front of a dark brown wall
Photo: Toni Bird
May 14 2020
Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students

Growing up, Amber Moore dreamed of seeing the world. So in middle school, she began storing money in a rain forest–print papier-mâché box she called the Amber’s Going to Africa Savings Fund. Raised in San Diego by a single mom who worked as an animal-care attendant, Moore loved animals early on, but it would be years before she’d envision herself as a scientist. Yet research would become her ticket around the globe.

The first in her family to attend university, Moore says she probably used her middle school savings on a plane ticket to Bryn Mawr College, where she double-majored in anthropology and chemistry. But soon she was studying traditional medicine in Swaziland, HIV in Japan, and transplant immunology at the National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health in Maryland.

Now a Stanford doctoral student in immunology, Moore investigates how challenges to the maternal immune system affect development of the placenta; her hope is to reduce pregnancy complications. The finishing touches to her research are on hold because of the novel coronavirus outbreak. So in April, she stepped up to help analyze data in a makeshift lab at the Palo Alto Sheraton as part of the COVID-19 antibody testing in Santa Clara County.

Amber Moore is a 2017 DARE Fellow and a DIF funding recipient.