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Making Stanford’s Roble Hall sustainable for its second century

students in a community garden
Image credit: Aaron Kehoe
Apr 11 2017
Education, Fellow, Stanford, Students

The historic Roble Hall houses a multifaceted program that focuses on hard questions, like how to get 300 students engaged daily and deeply with sustainability.

Venerable, ivy-covered Roble Hall will turn 100 in 2018. Roble resident fellow Jeffrey Ball hopes that, in its second century, the dorm known as Stanford University’s “La Grande Dame” will stand as a symbol and embodiment of sustainable living.

VBall is a writer on energy and the environment, scholar-in-residence at Stanford’s Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, and a lecturer at Stanford Law School. In 2016, he organized and helped launch the Roble Living Laboratory for Sustainability at Stanford (ROLLSS). In the comprehensive and evolving program, students – through projects, classes, workshops and events – are attempting to make Stanford’s oldest continuously operating dorm a hub of sustainable learning and action.

VPGE supports ROLLSS' Hard Earth graduate student speaker series through its SCORE Academic Innovation Funds.

Graduate fellow Andrew Sonta is a 2015 SGF