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Long-range planning white papers released to campus community

photo of Stanford as one enters into the Main Quad
Feb 1 2018

Stanford’s long-range planning effort takes a leap forward today with the release to the campus community of 37 white papers produced by four area steering groups.

The white papers represent high-level summaries of the more than 2,800 ideas and proposals for Stanford’s future that were submitted by members of the university community. The documents cover a breadth of topics ranging from research objectives, educational initiatives and public service proposals to housing, sustainability and university operations.

The area steering groups – organized around the topics of Education, Research, Our Community and Engagement Beyond Our University – were composed of more than 100 faculty, undergraduates, graduate students, staff, academic staff and postdoctoral scholars. They were charged with organizing proposals into a conceptual framework, editorializing and providing perspective and analysis focusing on the future.