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A group of scholars look to early 20th century radio technology to help improve Internet security

Gallium arsenide chip
Yousif Kelaita
Jan 27 2016
Fellow, Research, Stanford

A new study shows how harnessing the quantum properties of light can create a transmission technology impervious to eavesdropping.

Imagine communicating with your bank, the IRS or your doctor by way of an Internet that was perfectly secure. Your most private data would be protected with absolute certainty and, better yet, if any bad actor were to try to eavesdrop you would know immediately. Such is the promise of secure quantum communication.

The research team included Kevin Fischer, a 2012 Lu Stanford Graduate Fellow; Yousif Kelaita, a 2012 Stanford Graduate Fellow; and Alexander Piggott, a 2013 Andreas Bechtolsheim Stanford Graduate Fellow.

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