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Mar 14 2018 | Stanford News Stanford, Students, VPGE
Stanford will welcome about 80 prospective graduate students to campus Friday for Graduate Recruitment and Diversity Day (GRAD Day), which introduces admitted graduate students and promising candidates to the resources, programs and supportive community that allow students from diverse backgrounds...
Feb 7 2018 | Stanford Graduate School of Business Fellow, Research, Stanford
Despite such challenges as inadequate access to capital, the number of Latino-owned businesses in the U.S. is growing at a rate that outpaces just about every other ethnic group, a new study from the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative found.
Nov 28 2017 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
From the understated opulence of a Bentley to the stalwart family minivan to the utilitarian pickup, Americans know that the car you drive is an outward statement of personality. You are what you drive, as the saying goes, and researchers at Stanford have just taken that maxim to a new level.
Nov 14 2017 | Forbes Awards, Fellow, Stanford
The Wall Street landscape is becoming younger, digitized and more entrepreneurial. Technological and innovative forces are reshaping the world of money and they can be seen on this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 Finance list.
Nov 9 2017 | The Stanford Daily Awards, Faculty, Research, Stanford
Carol Dweck, Stanford’s Lewis and Eaton Professor of Psychology, is the inaugural recipient of the Yidan Prize for Educational Research. Dweck’s research has focused on identifying two different frameworks through which people consider their own intelligence. Carol Dweck is an EDGE faculty mentor...
Oct 31 2017 | Stanford News Research, Stanford, Students
It’s a sound that can keep even the weariest among us from falling asleep: the high-pitched whine of a mosquito. This irritating buzz already makes us run, slap and slather on repellent. But if Stanford University researchers have their way, it may also prompt us to take out our cellphones and do a...
Oct 20 2017 | Stanford News Awards, Fellow, Research, Stanford
When Stanford researchers asked people to think about the sensations and emotions of inanimate or non-human entities, they got a glimpse into how those people think about mental life. What they found is that Americans break mental life into three parts – body, heart and mind – a finding that...
Sep 19 2017 | Stanford News Awards, Faculty, Research, Stanford
Stanford psychology Professor Carol Dweck was named a recipient of the inaugural Yidan Prize on Tuesday and will receive approximately $4 million in recognition of her innovative contributions to education and to fund future research initiatives. The Yidan Prize is the world’s largest international...
Sep 15 2017 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford, Students
After the wettest winter on record in 122 years, California’s waterways and reservoirs are finally replenishing to reverse the previous years of drought. But as the memory of the driest four-year period in the state’s history fades, Stanford researchers warn not to relax water conservation...
Aug 31 2017 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
Packing tiny solar cells together, like micro-lenses in the compound eye of an insect, could pave the way to a new generation of advanced photovoltaics, say Stanford University scientists.