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Jul 28 2017 | Stanford Graduate School of Education Education, Stanford
The new cross-disciplinary PhD expands opportunities for students and faculty to study issues of race, inequality and language. What began in 2012 as a somewhat loosely structured opportunity for education students and faculty at Stanford Graduate School of Education to explore issues of race,...
Jul 28 2017 | Stanford News Fellow, Research, Stanford
Items from the Pacific region gathered by Jane Stanford and faculty members are on display as part of a new exhibition at the Stanford Archaeology Center curated and installed by students under the instruction of Christina Hodge, academic curator and collections manager for archaeology collections.
Jun 30 2017 | Stanford News Research, Stanford
Bay Area teachers gathered at Stanford for a five-week program this spring that provided educators strategies to teach Islam. The program, a collaboration involving three Stanford organizations, doesn’t shy away from Islam’s complicated nature. A unique collaboration at Stanford is bringing a...
Jun 23 2017 | The Inquirer Research, Stanford, Students
“Boomerang” kids returning home? Get ready for stress and dissatisfaction. Adult children moving back with their parents is so common a phenomenon that it’s inspired Hollywood movies (witness Failure to Launch with Matthew McConaughey). Credit the financial crisis and the slow economic recovery...