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​Could ‘power from the people’ cut electric bills in half?

aerial view of houses on a street
Photo by iStock/Ingrid_Hendriksen
Sep 6 2017
Fellow, Research, Stanford

Energy planners now talk about “citizen utilities” that would generate substantial power to complement the output of traditional utilities.

To facilitate this shift from traditional, centralized power plants to distributed local networks, a trio of Stanford researchers has developed ReMatch, a software tool to analyze the actual patterns of electrical demand and the potential generating capacity of every home in a neighborhood, and then design a cost-effective smart grid for that locale.

ReMatch was developed by Rishee Jain and Ram Rajagopal, assistant professors of civil and environmental engineering, and Junjie Qin, a graduate student at Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering.

Researcher Junjie Qin is a 2013 Satre Family Fellow, Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering.