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Beginnings of FAST: Diversifying science by providing opportunities for high school students

four people stand in front of a poster presentation. The person on the left has his thumb up
courtesy of Cooper Galvin
Nov 5 2018
Stanford, Students

When Cooper Galvin came to Stanford in 2014 to earn a PhD in biophysics, he intended to work toward winning a Nobel Prize, or at least curing tuberculosis.

"It hasn't really happened that way," Galvin admitted. Instead, perhaps just as spectacularly, he — along with a group of other Stanford graduate students — has spearheaded the creation of FAST, which stands for Future Advancers of Science and Technology.

It started small, rooted in a conviction that disadvantaged groups shouldn't be underrepresented in STEM fields.

FAST is a 2018-19 Diversity and Inclusion Innovation Funds (DIF) Project. The FAST team includes Cooper Galvin, a SPICE funding recipient and DIF funding recipient, Athena Ierokomos, a 2017 Stanford Graduate Fellow, and Derek Huang, a DIF funding recipient.