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Advancing racial justice at Stanford

an arcade at Stanford around the main quad, showing archways
Jason Leung/Unsplash
Jun 30 2020
Announcement, Education, Faculty, Stanford, Students

A letter to the Stanford community from President Marc Tessier-Lavigne:

Dear Stanford community,

The events of recent weeks following the murder of George Floyd have made us all painfully aware of the shameful legacy of anti-Black racism and how it endures in our communities and our country.  

Unfortunately, our campus is not immune from such pernicious forces. We must recognize the stereotyping, stigmatization and marginalization of diverse individuals and communities that occur on our own campus and work to tackle them. We have made some progress in the past several years through our IDEAL initiative, overseen by Provost Drell, but we need to do more and act with even greater urgency to create an inclusive, accessible, diverse and equitable university for all our members. And we need to start now, including working to eliminate the anti-Black racism that has been laid bare by the events of the past weeks. 

Beyond our own campus, as an institution of higher learning we have an additional responsibility to ensure that our research and educational endeavors are sufficiently focused on helping society more broadly to evolve beyond the scourge of racism that has been present in our country for far too long. 

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