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16 Stanford graduate students named 2021 Siebel Scholars

2021 Siebel Scholars from the Graduate School of Business. From left to right are Bianca Pinasco, Joshua Young Yang, Austin Ward, Mariana Martins, Brian Aoyama.
Courtesy Siebel Scholars)
Oct 8 2020
Stanford, Students

Sixteen Stanford graduate students have been honored with Siebel Scholar awards presented by the Siebel Foundation in Redwood City.

Since 2000, the Siebel Scholar award has recognized exceptional graduate students at leading schools of business, computer science, bioengineering and energy science.

Siebel Scholars are chosen by the deans of their respective schools based on outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated leadership. Each receives a $35,000 award for the final year of graduate study. Through the program, scholars are expected to influence the future through technology, policy, and economic and social decision-making.

The newly awarded Siebel Scholars includes Margarita Khariton, a 2017 Bio-X SIGF fellow.

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