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Programs in Interdisciplinary Learning

Programs sponsored by the VPGE office attract graduate students from all over campus and are a great way to experience interdisciplinary learning. The programs listed below also feature interdisciplinary learning as one of their main objectives.

Connecting with Leaders: Knowledge, Wisdom, and Community Building

What do established leaders wish they knew when they were your age? At Connecting with Leaders, meet and learn from a panel of Stanford’s Distinguished Career Institute Fellows, individuals from all walks of life with inspiring and meaningful careers.

Designing the Professional

Once you get your degree, how do you get a life? What do you want out of life after Stanford? Wondering how to weave together what fits, is doable, and will be truly meaningful? Then join us for Designing the Professional, offered in several different formats as a program or course.

Leadership Dinners

Dine with inspiring leaders from various industries and organizations. At Leadership Dinners, you will interact with proven leaders and a small group of graduate students over dinner at the Faculty Club.

Leading from the Inside Out: Know Yourself Before Leading Others

Learn to assess your core leadership strengths and areas for development to become an effective manager/leader.

Living on Purpose

Explore and practice essential tools for living a life of authenticity, connection, and impact.

Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Research Students

Learn seven key habits that our research and experience with thousands of students show will make a difference to how quickly and easily you complete your research degree.

Stanford Ignite

Got innovation? Learn how to formulate, develop, and commercialize your ideas with Stanford Ignite. Led by the Graduate School of Business, Stanford Ignite is a certificate program that provides the business fundamentals necessary to succeed at any entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial venture.

Technology Trainings

Learn current and emerging technologies and skills essential for your research, professional development, and career preparation.