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2019 SIGF Fellows

The Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship (SIGF) is a competitive University-wide program that awards three-year fellowships to outstanding doctoral students engaged in interdisciplinary research.

Marissa Childs

Illich-Sadowsky Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow, Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources

Human health and the environment are inextricably linked. In particular, environmental conditions can influence human health through mosquito-borne diseases. These diseases—including malaria, Zika, dengue, and yellow fever—cause over a million...

Olivia de Goede

Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow (Anonymous Donor), Bio-X SIGF, Genetics

Most genomic research focuses on genes that make proteins. But these protein-coding genes are only approximately 2% of our DNA - the other 98% that is “non-coding” isn’t well understood. To shed some light on non-coding DNA, I study long non-...

Abby Fanlo

Christiana Shi Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow in International Studies, Political Science

Uncertainty surrounding US alliance commitments has led to concern that America’s allies are now more likely to be targeted militarily. Such shifts in the commitment of a great power to a smaller security partner are nothing new, however, and the...

Corey Fernandez

Bruce and Elizabeth Dunlevie Fellow, Bio-X SIGF, Neurosciences

Our memory systems allow us to recall specific episodes from the past, and also learn across our experiences to build up knowledge about the world. We use this knowledge to plan, make decisions, and guide future behavior. My research combines...

Amanda Gaggioli

Matthew and Janice Barger Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow, Classics

Earthquakes have disrupted societies since prehistory, and they continue to cause increasingly complex social problems. My project intervenes by working at the intersections of archaeology, literature, and natural sciences in order to define and...

Tony Ginart

Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow (Anonymous Donor), Bio-X SIGF, Electrical Engineering

In 1948, Professor Norbert Wiener defined "cybernetics" as "the scientific study of control and communication in the animal and the machine." One of the most interesting aspects of cybernetics is the emergence of complex behavior to optimize...

Chiara Giovanni

Thomas C. Nelson Graduate Fellow, Comparative Literature

Have you ever felt like you’re out of step with everyone around you? Maybe you’ve found your place in the world, maybe you’re still looking, or maybe you like to imagine a totally different world where you feel like you belong. My research...

Michael Hahn

Jacobsson Family Graduate Fellow, Linguistics

Why do the over 6,000 human languages, despite all their differences, share many grammatical properties? My PhD research investigates a possible explanation: Language enables us humans to communicate effectively with each other, using the...

Jitka Hiscox

Gordon Hartogensis and Grace Chao Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Significant progress has been made on global poverty alleviation, but 10% of the global population still lives in extreme poverty. The goal of my research is to connect theory and applied research related to the effects of water access on...

Nina Horowitz

Mona M. Burgess Fellow, Bio-X SIGF, Bioengineering

Cancer is one of the most challenging medical issues of our time, causing hundreds of thousands of deaths within the United States each year and often proving incurable. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy have been refined as treatment options...